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Look outside,
you're by the sea in Gargano.

Riviera Beach Bar

Don't miss a single ray of sunshine with our takeaway lunch

To give you the opportunity to manage your time and fully enjoy your vacation, we have created a flexible and free formula for lunch, which offers you the goodness of our cuisine and the pleasure of choosing where to enjoy it.

Snacks and drinks with your feet in the sand

At Riviera Beach Bar, there’s nothing better than contemplating the sea while relaxing with your feet in the sand. Treat yourself to a quick snack, a refreshing slush, an ice cream or a drink and, before dinner, enjoy our happy hour at sunset!

Beach Bar
Beach Bar

And for lunch? Relax, you're on vacation!

If you don’t want to miss a single ray of sunshine, you’ll love the flexibility of our takeaway lunch: book, pick up and eat wherever you want. Order your favourite dishes from the restaurant menu and enjoy them in your swimsuit and sarong at Riviera Beach Bar or on the balcony of your room or veranda. Easy, convenient and tasty!

Pranzo in spiaggia

After a day of sun and activities, get ready to savour the chef's proposals in our restaurant with a panoramic view of the sea in Gargano: the perfect way to complete a day of vacation.