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Look outside,
you're by the sea in Gargano.

Our Sustainable Philosophy

Quality that takes care of you and the environment.

We believe in taking care of the environment and of people because respect for the world we live in and who inhabits it is what makes us better. At Riviera Beach Hotel, we aim to offer you a top quality, environmentally-friendly vacation.

Keyword: Sustainability!

Our keyword is sustainability. We strive every day to reduce waste, use less plastic and disposable products, properly sort waste and pay attention to saving energy. We prefer locally sourced products for our cuisine and rely on the Gargano sun as a natural source of energy. Small actions that can change the world and your way of living the vacation.


Happy staff, pampered guests

Our concept of sustainability is also reflected in the relationship with our staff: we guarantee a relaxed working environment, with flexible hours and plenty of free time. That’s why our staff members are always happy and contented, love what they do and take care of every guest with pleasure. Staying at Riviera Beach Hotel means becoming part of a welcoming, fun, and close-knit family, ready to make your beach holidays special with consideration, professionalism and smiles.

Come and meet our staff personally and choose a simple, cheerful and regenerating vacation in Puglia!